Finding the Perfect Patio Flooring: 4 Options to Choose From


Building a patio is a luxury that requires many logistical requirements. With a project requiring several tasks and steps, you’ll need to make many decisions regarding the dimensions, materials, and overall look of your outdoor project.

Choosing the perfect flooring option

Different materials will come with some advantages compared to others. Because of this, you need to be particular about the materials that you will include in your project. If you’re not sure how to decide on what your patio’s foundation should be, here are four flooring options for you to consider:

1. Brick Flooring

As one of the oldest types of building materials, its reputation as a durable choice makes it excellent for buildings, roads, and even patios. It’s a tried and tested material that works with traditional houses while still being a welcome addition to modern architecture.

Bricks can come in different preset colours and sizes, which can also be laid down in a variety of patterns. Depending on your choice of brick pattern, you can create a formal look or a creative design to add personality to your outdoor patio.

2. Concrete Flooring

The combination of water, cement, gravel, and sand makes concrete a durable surface that’s easy to maintain. If you’re looking for versatility, choosing concrete for your patio will be your best bet. Adding rough particles is a common treatment to create a slip-resistant surface.

Complement your concrete flooring through different designs that you can stamp or brush along the surface. However, a misstep in installing concrete flooring can be costly to repair and replace. For this reason, you should make sure that a professional contractor performs these small details to ensure that you’ll end up with a clean finish.

3. Unglazed Ceramic Tile Flooring

One of the most popular contenders for patio flooring is the unglazed ceramic tile. It has a distinct smoothness together with a glossy finish while still containing slip-resistance to avoid any accidents with wet floors. Depending on your preference, you can choose between terracotta, porcelain, and quarry tiles.

Terracotta tiles are the leading choice for mild climates, while Porcelain tiles give off a glossy finish thanks to its stain-resistant properties. Quarry tiles, on the other hand, make the best option for sturdy foot traction with its textured surface.

Depending on your patio’s neighbours, you may want to consider a tile rating’s slip resistance. If you want to give your tiles extra protection from the elements, you can provide them with a coating treatment to avoid moisture and stains.

4. Flagstone Flooring

This flooring option comes from a combination of different layers of rock, all from natural formations of limestone, quartz, sandstone, and bluestone. These vary in size and colour, making a unique and organic look unlike any other for your flooring option.

Although the organic shapes may be different, flagstone flooring has a range of different shades from cool blues to warm reds. The limited colour palette may be a turn-off for some homeowners, yet its durable layer makes it a top contender for outdoor installations.


At this point, you now have several flooring options that you can consider using for your fixture. An excellent way to make it easier for you to choose the option that’s best for your project is by deciding on your patio’s overall look. Choosing a theme for your patio will also help you limit your choices and finding the right materials to make a coherent design.

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