Top 3 Cobblestone Flooring Problems – Get a Paving specialist in Poole

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When it comes to durability and timelessness, there are not many flooring materials that can compete with the humble cobblestone. As a Paving Specialist in Poole we often inform upon Cobblestone floors being virtually impervious to stress and can carry a lot of weight, which makes it suitable for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas that receive a lot of traffic. Take


Aside from being durable, this type of flooring is easy to clean, mainly due to its extreme resistance to stains and marks. In fact, the most recommended method of cleaning cobblestone flooring is by using a pressure hose to dislodge all the accumulated dirt and grime that may have stuck on the cobblestones’ pores.


That being said, there are a few issues that arise from cobblestone flooring that may need more than just the power of pressurised water. Here are the top three issues you may encounter with your cobblestone floors, and some ways to prevent these from doing more damage.


  1. Shifting Foundations


Over time, ground movement may cause the foundation of the cobblestones to move as well. You will notice this as a few pieces of the stone may be jutting out more than they used to. Sometimes you will even see large cracks across your flooring. This issue needs to be addressed immediately, as these can cause slip-and-fall accidents.


Fortunately, this is rather easy to address. The best way to fix cracks is by hiring paving specialists to repair it. Alternatively, you can do the repair yourself—just fill the cracks with mason sand and water it to help push the material to fill the lowermost portions. Repeat this process until the sand no longer sinks, meaning you’ve already filled the hole.


As for dislodged cobblestones, you will want to find a way to take them out completely and repave them. As mentioned earlier, the best way to go about fixing your cobblestone pavement, driveway, or sidewalk is to contact a paving specialist near you to handle the job.


  1. Oil Stains


OIl stains on cobblestones are rather common if you are using that part of your property as a driveway. Sometimes the vehicle will be dripping oil in such small amounts that the stains may not be immediately noticeable. By the time you do notice them, they will have adhered to the pores of the cobblestone so much that they are now very difficult to remove.


Fortunately, there are oil cleaners that are suitable for the stone that can be readily purchased in stores. The only downside is that these cleaners are often toxic to human health as well. To avoid causing damage to yourself, always read the instructions properly prior to using these kinds of products.


When oil first comes in contact with cobblestone, it is rather easy to remove with just a pressure washer. To avoid having to deal with dangerous chemical cleaners, it makes sense to give your cobblestone pavement a good hose down every now and then.


  1. Weed growth


If your cobblestone pavement is outdoors, then there’s a very high chance that you may see some weed growth. While it can seem harmless and natural, weeds growing between pavers can actually loosen and crack it, especially if left to grow unattended.


The best way to deal with weeds on your flooring is to just keep pulling them out whenever you see them. You have the option to use chemical weed killers, but this is generally not recommended if you or your household members have the habit of walking on the cobblestone pavement barefoot.




Cobblestones are a great choice for flooring in any home. If you are a fan of the old world charm and love seeing unique patterns, then cobblestones may just be the right choice. Just make sure that you are aware of these three common problems that cobblestone floorings face, and have a Paving Specialist in Poole on speed dial if needed, to address any issues that may arise.


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