Why Pet Owners Are Shifting To Artificial Grass Gardens


There is no doubt that real grass is an amazing aspect of any home’s front yard or backyard. The lush greens, the scent of it after a rainy morning, and just the feel of it are amazing. Real grass is amazing until you realize all the care you have to put into making it look good long term, especially during colder seasons like winter and fall. Realistically, who wants to wake up real early and spend a weekend morning mowing the lawn for practically hours on end when the week already seems to have too little time.


Real grass normally needs more care than usual, and if you have the time and the patience to care for it, then we applaud you for your dedication because we really do love real lawns. However, more and more people are shifting to artificial grasses for their yards because of how low maintenance they are and how nice they look.


A number of these people are pet owners who want a nice place for their pets to play that is easier to maintain and still maintain the look of a garden. Here is why pet owners love artificial grass and why you’ll want it, too:


No More Lawn Stains

Owning a dog means bringing the little fella out to pee and poop quite often, which leads to grass dying or getting discoloured. This is inevitable, as you’d rather have your dog relieve itself outside the house than inside, and a yard full of artificial turf will maintain the grassy look while keeping the green colour.


Easy To Clean And Maintain

Modern technologies have created turf that looks uber-realistic and is very high-quality. In some gardens, long grass can hide dog poop and unpleasant surprises like dangerous animals or insects that can be harmful to children and animals alike. An artificial grass garden will have none of this, as it stays flat all year round.


Cleaning after your pet is also easy, as you can use water and soap to clean the turf without worrying about the chemicals killing it. As we mentioned above, you won’t need to deal with cutting the grass or heavily maintaining it because it is all man-made and does not die or grow weeds. Additionally, your garden will stay lush and green no matter what season goes by. You can even host a nice backyard party any day of the year if you wanted.


No More Holes And Mud

Dogs love to dig, and giving them freedom in your garden means they will have a field day with all that dirt. Not only will this get them dirty, but it also means they’ll start tracking dirt into your house that requires extra cleaning. When grass grows over holes, you have the risk of tripping in them and getting seriously injured. With an artificial grass garden, say goodbye to holes and mud from getting your pet dirty, which means you can make them run around the garden all day!


You’ll Have Fewer Pests

Gardens are full of insects and pests that cling onto your pet’s fur. Ticks, fleas and bugs are some of them, and can easily be a problem inside your home if you let your pet out often. Turf is normally free of these insects and will provide fewer problems down the line because these bugs survive on natural materials, and a man-made lawn makes it less likely for them to thrive.


It Is Affordable And Eco-Friendly

With artificial grass, you will be using fewer pesticides, chemicals, care products and time taking care of it. This means it is safer for kids to play in, better for the environment and safe for pets. The time saved by turf is significant, and the money saved from purchasing care products and running grasscutters can be used for better things.



Artificial grass is definitely the solution to saving time and money, as the maintenance aspect of it is practically nonexistent. You will also have an aesthetically pleasing lawn or garden all year round and require less work done after fall and winter kills off the grass and leaves. Make the shift to turf today and start saving!


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