5 Materials You Can Consider When Building Your Driveway in Dorset


When building or upgrading a Driveway in Dorset, one of the most important aspects to consider is the material that it should be made of. That is because there are many different kinds available out there, and each will offer you different benefits and advantages.


With that in mind, the right driveway material for you will depend mostly on your needs. For example, concrete may work better for those looking for an affordable solution, while those looking to capitalize on aesthetics may opt for block paving.


Here are the different types of materials you can consider when building your Driveway in Dorset:


  1. Gravel


Gravel has long been associated with luxurious properties, lining endless driveways that add a feeling of sophistication exclusivity. For this reason, many are surprised to know that gravel is one of the cheapest driveway solutions available. That is because they are straightforward to install and are readily available.


However, there is one massive drawback to gravel driveways: high maintenance. Because the material is loose, you will need to put in plenty of work to keep your driveway flat. Weeds and plants can also grow in the gaps, requiring plenty of attention to get rid of.


  1. Asphalt


Asphalt is one of the most commonly used materials in building roads and driveways. However, its popularity has recently been dropping due to some of the problems it poses. For example, if the ambient temperature gets too hot, asphalt can lose its shape and become sticky. It also is not as aesthetically pleasing as many of the other options listed here. The only reason many people use asphalt is its affordability. If you are on a limited budget, you can consider this material.


  1. Concrete


Like asphalt, concrete is also one of your go-to options if you do not have much money. It is relatively affordable to use on your driveway and is decent at improving its appearance. Unfortunately, it is not free of problems. Poorly installed concrete driveways are known to crack severely due to changing temperatures, so it pays to work with a professional who knows their craft.


  1. Imprinted concrete


Speaking of concrete, imprinted concrete, also known as decorative concrete, can be used to increase the aesthetics of a driveway. The difference between installing typical concrete driveways and decorative ones is that you can choose what design and colour you want the concrete to be in. This increases the installation cost, so remember to keep that in mind.


  1. Resin


There are generally two types of resin driveways: bonded and bound. With bonded resin, you enjoy a much cheaper solution at the cost of durability. With bounded resin, you pay a little more but enjoy one that can last a lot longer. Regardless of which one you choose, both varieties are relatively affordable!


However, they come with a few problems. For example, they can crack under heat, change colour due to sunlight if they are not UV-stable, and can have unsightly streaks if improperly mixed.


  1. Natural stone


If money is not a concern, and you are looking for what is arguably the most visually pleasing driveway, natural stone driveways are your best option. They will look visually stunning and stay durable, no matter the time of year.


However, if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly option, you may want to avoid natural stone. While they may be natural, the process of collecting them is not!




There are many other surfaces you can go for apart from those mentioned above, such as grass paving, block paving, and more. Each of these materials come with their pros and cons, and it will be your job to figure out which material can fully satisfy your needs and requirements.


Regardless of which option you opt for, be sure to work with professionals. That way, you can make sure you make the most out of your investment, benefiting you with a reliable driveway that will serve you for many years to come.

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