Driveways in Dorset – 4 Cleaning Tips for a Spotless driveway

Driveways in Dorset - 4 Cleaning Tips for a Spotless driveway

Driveways do many things to your home. Not only does it offer a spot to park vehicles, but it can also be used to improve the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the driveway will slowly deteriorate, especially if you have been neglecting it. You will start seeing debris, spills, and other forms of dirt and grime gradually collect on the driveway, hurting its aesthetics. If this is the case with your driveway, then it is time to get to cleaning!

To ensure that our Driveways in Dorset  look as good as new, here are some cleaning tips you must try out:


  1. Rake the leaves

In certain times of the year, plenty of leaves will rest on your driveway, creating a huge mess. When this happens, it is recommended that you rake the leaves immediately to keep the place nice and clean. In the case that you discover brown stains after sweeping the leaves, you can quickly get rid of those using some dishwashing liquid and hot water. Scrub away at the stain with the solution, and rinse away for a clean finish.


  1. Clean on cloudy days

Generally, you should be cleaning your driveway whenever it gets dirty. However, there are times that will allow you to do a far better job than other times. For instance, you should be cleaning your driveway when it is cloudy and warm. This is to ensure the driveway does not dry up too quickly, which can hurt the results of the cleaning effort. If you want to look for specific months to clean your driveway, consider the summer and spring months. The temperature is more comfortable then, and it is also when the driveway is at its most dirty.


  1. Use a stiff-bristled broom or pressure washer

Sometimes, dirt and grime can get stuck in your driveway. If this is the case, then use a stiff-bristled broom. The bristles can easily get into the crevices to dislodge the dirt and grime, allowing you to sweep them away and leave a flawless finish. If you have a pressure washer, you can also use it as the high-powered jet of water can also dislodge the dirt. Do be careful with a pressure washer because if you are using a setting that is too strong (or the wrong detergent), you may damage the driveway.


  1. Use the right solution for stains

There are various stains you may need to tackle on your driveway, from grease stains to even paint stains. To remove these, you will need to be using the right solution.

For grease stains, you can use an absorbent solution such as kitty litter. Cover it up thoroughly and leave it for up to a day before sweeping it away. This also applies to antifreeze stains. For paint stains, especially oil-based ones, you will need to scrub it off using a paint-stripping solution. Leave it there for a while then wash away with water. Note that with paint-strippers, you will want to avoid using them on asphalt as it can damage the surface. Only use it on concrete surfaces.



Cleaning your driveway will take some effort and time to get right. Generally, you can expect to be spending an hour or two, or even the whole afternoon, to clean your driveway. However, this is an effort that is well worth all of it. With a clean driveway, not only does your driveway look a lot better, but so does your curb appeal. Regardless of the reasons to clean your driveway, whether it be to boost your home’s value or to get rid of dirt, remember the tips above to ensure an effective and productive driveway cleaning session!

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