Driveways in Dorset – 6 Factors to Consider When Planning your driveway

Driveways in Dorset - 6 Factors to Consider When Planning your driveway

Driveways in Dorset are more than an area to park your vehicle. The path also plays a significant role in your home’s curb appeal, which is important whenever you plan to sell the property. In the case that you don’t have any plans of selling, a well-planned driveway can still make an excellent first impression. For this reason, you need to make sure the path is planned properly, or it could do more harm than good for your home.


Six factors to consider when planning the superior Driveways in Dorset


  1. Functionality


This is one of the most vital factors to consider because it will affect your decisions along the way. Regardless of the style you choose, the driveway must be able to serve its purpose—to be a convenient area to park your car. Moreover, you need to consider the number of people living in the house and the frequency of visitors coming over. If your family is growing, you will need to maximise your driveway space to make it easier for you to use it if you will have more cars in the future.


  1. Ease Of Access


If you go for the most appealing options of the market, but the access is difficult, then it will not serve its purpose. This is why you must choose a practical design, as your driveway must be easy to access depending on the number of cars you will park. With that, ensure the design will provide you access from the street to your driveway, and it must be wide enough to allow for more convenient reversing as well.


  1. Accessories


As one of the more fun parts, you can make your driveway look more inviting to enhance your curb appeal by adding accessories in it. Consider lighting that you can build into the entryway. Not only will the lights illuminate the area better, but they can also make your property look good at nights!


  1. Style


There are various materials you can choose from when planning your driveway. If you are thinking of a style, start off with something that complements your property. Ideally, natural stone paving is preferred because of its classic look, but you can also achieve it with cobble setts that are available in various shapes and colours. Whatever it is you choose, keep in mind to invest in high-quality materials that will last you many years!

  1. Budget


When it comes to your budget, you need to follow the 20/80 rule—20% of the project cost is made up of the products and 80% from installation and sub-base. Make sure you work with a reliable contractor you’re comfortable with to discuss your budget openly.


  1. Permits


There are specific regulations you need to adhere to when planning and building Driveways in Dorset. Check with your local council first before you build as you don’t want to encounter any issues during the project that will cost you more money or delay your plans.

Transform Your Driveway With Specialists


Remember that your driveway is one of the most essential areas in your property. So, if you want to upgrade it, take the time to plan things thoroughly. Moreover, it’s important to find a reliable contractor you can trust who specialises in outdoor spaces. With a professional’s advice and guidance, you can expect a functional driveway that will take your property’s external look to the next level!


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