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When it comes to having a residential property makeover, many homeowners prioritise their living space, kitchen, or bathrooms, and most of them tend to neglect the property’s outdoor area. What many fail to realise is that the outdoor space can actually kick the curb appeal up a notch and increase the overall property value!


Installing a patio can make all the difference and how this can be achieved by recruiting a landscape building company in Bournemouth to help.


A patio is a paved area located directly on the ground made of various materials, such as concrete, brick, flagstone, pavers, and gravel. This area can serve as an outdoor place for dining, family bonding, barbecue party, outdoor gathering, and so much more.


If you want to install a patio in your residential property, here are five bright ideas for you to consider:


  1. Have seats around a fire on a flagstone patio


When it comes to installing an outdoor patio, choosing durable materials for hard surfaces will make a difference in your efforts. For this reason, selecting a flagstone material can be your best bet. While you’re at it, be sure to construct a structure for a small bonfire and have several seats around it to give you and your loved one a romantic night under the moonlit sky.


  1. Have a sports area through a brick patio


It is good to have an outdoor space that will allow you and your kids to play sports outside. When it comes to this, installing a brick patio will be beneficial for your activities. Sure, it may not appear as aesthetically pleasing as a flagstone, but it will surely be highly functional for any outdoor sports. What’s good about it is that it is relatively easy to install and maintain in the long run!


  1. Install a running bond for your brick patio


The “running bond” is a specific pattern for bricks that are commonly used in outdoor construction. This pattern can be perfect for your outdoor patio, which is notable for its soothing effect and aesthetic appeal. When considering this design, you can have a resting place in the middle of a garden filled with flowers, shrubs, and vegetation.


  1. Carve sophistication through a tile patio


If you want your outdoor space to look elegant and sophisticated, then you may want to consider a tile patio. This can be a hard-surface option for your outdoor space, but be wary of the materials you’ll opt for so that it doesn’t become counterproductive. For this reason, choose tile products meant for the outdoors to avoid any hazard risks and promote the utmost safety.


  1. Create a Zen-like outdoor patio


Zen practice has been all the rage these days, which is the practice of meditation to achieve, peace, harmony, and balance. Communing with nature in your outdoor space can make all the difference in your home ownership experience. If you want to have a place for Zen in your residential property, consider having a Zen-like outdoor patio instead!




At this point, you now have several unique ideas when installing a patio in your home to take it to the next level. As outlined above, all it takes is to have seats around a fire on a flagstone patio, have a sports area through a brick patio, install a running bond for your brick patio, carve sophistication through a tile patio, and create a Zen-like outdoor space. With these options, you can go through each of them to determine that best one for your property!


We’re a landscape building company in Bournemouth, specialising in outdoor construction services for residential properties, such as general landscape, garden, groundwork, paving, and driveways. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space through a patio, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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The easiest way to address an unkempt and underwhelming garden is to close your curtains and pretend it doesn’t exist. However, this isn’t the solution you’re looking for.


Truth be told, your garden plays a crucial role in the overall look and attractiveness of your abode. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s an extension of your home, so it’s a venue for some of your daily activities. Whether it be enjoying your morning coffee or playing with your kids in the afternoon, it’s a part of your day-to-day routine. It is for this reason that giving it more time and attention is worth it.


While renovating your garden can seem overwhelming, the good news is that there are plenty of landscaping and surfacing companies you can approach for help. On top of that, there are surfacing options that let you achieve a low-maintenance yet charming garden. One particular solution you’ll want to consider is block paving.


What is Block Paving?


Also known as brick paving, this refers to the decorative process of creating a hard standing path or driveway. When done in your garden, this can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.


In the sections below, you will learn two of the many ways you can use block paving to transform your outdoor space.


  1. Block Paving for Your Outdoor Patio or Terrace


What’s exciting about working on your patio or terrace in your garden is that you can get creative with it—as creative as you want to be.


Block paving provides you with an excellent and reliable base for items you want to include, whether it be a luxury garden set, your favourite potted plants, or even a hot tub. It also provides you with a safe and non-slip surface which is perfect for hosting BBQ and garden parties. With this, you no longer have to worry about your friends or neighbours slipping as they buzz around!


Aside from being a reliable foundation, garden paving can also highlight the beauty of the plants and trees in your garden. As long as you find the right colour combinations, you’ll see your garden come to life. You may also play with patterns to achieve a truly interesting and attractive yard!


Using block paving to create a cosy patio or terrace lets you achieve a low-maintenance yet fully functional and inviting outdoor space.


  1. Block Paving for Pathways


Block paving can also be applied to build pathways. This is an idea worth exploring if you want to create an intriguing walkway through your garden or an unobstructed route from the street to your front door.


On that note, remember that you must choose the brick to be used wisely. You’ll want a material that is smooth yet extra grippy to prevent slips, trips and falls. To ensure the best results, don’t hesitate to talk to your builders and let them know what you need.




Paying more attention to your outdoor spaces goes beyond helping you achieve an aesthetically pleasing garden. It’s also an effective way to enhance your lifestyle. It lets you enjoy even the most mundane outdoor activities, appreciate the beauty of your greenery and, ultimately, feel truly at home.


Looking for paving specialists in Poole? Look no further than Absolute Armour & Sons! For more than 25 years, we have been providing paving and surfacing services following meticulous standards. Allow us to transform your outdoor space—get in touch today!

Driveways in Dorset - 4 Cleaning Tips for a Spotless driveway

Driveways do many things to your home. Not only does it offer a spot to park vehicles, but it can also be used to improve the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the driveway will slowly deteriorate, especially if you have been neglecting it. You will start seeing debris, spills, and other forms of dirt and grime gradually collect on the driveway, hurting its aesthetics. If this is the case with your driveway, then it is time to get to cleaning!

To ensure that our Driveways in Dorset  look as good as new, here are some cleaning tips you must try out:


  1. Rake the leaves

In certain times of the year, plenty of leaves will rest on your driveway, creating a huge mess. When this happens, it is recommended that you rake the leaves immediately to keep the place nice and clean. In the case that you discover brown stains after sweeping the leaves, you can quickly get rid of those using some dishwashing liquid and hot water. Scrub away at the stain with the solution, and rinse away for a clean finish.


  1. Clean on cloudy days

Generally, you should be cleaning your driveway whenever it gets dirty. However, there are times that will allow you to do a far better job than other times. For instance, you should be cleaning your driveway when it is cloudy and warm. This is to ensure the driveway does not dry up too quickly, which can hurt the results of the cleaning effort. If you want to look for specific months to clean your driveway, consider the summer and spring months. The temperature is more comfortable then, and it is also when the driveway is at its most dirty.


  1. Use a stiff-bristled broom or pressure washer

Sometimes, dirt and grime can get stuck in your driveway. If this is the case, then use a stiff-bristled broom. The bristles can easily get into the crevices to dislodge the dirt and grime, allowing you to sweep them away and leave a flawless finish. If you have a pressure washer, you can also use it as the high-powered jet of water can also dislodge the dirt. Do be careful with a pressure washer because if you are using a setting that is too strong (or the wrong detergent), you may damage the driveway.


  1. Use the right solution for stains

There are various stains you may need to tackle on your driveway, from grease stains to even paint stains. To remove these, you will need to be using the right solution.

For grease stains, you can use an absorbent solution such as kitty litter. Cover it up thoroughly and leave it for up to a day before sweeping it away. This also applies to antifreeze stains. For paint stains, especially oil-based ones, you will need to scrub it off using a paint-stripping solution. Leave it there for a while then wash away with water. Note that with paint-strippers, you will want to avoid using them on asphalt as it can damage the surface. Only use it on concrete surfaces.



Cleaning your driveway will take some effort and time to get right. Generally, you can expect to be spending an hour or two, or even the whole afternoon, to clean your driveway. However, this is an effort that is well worth all of it. With a clean driveway, not only does your driveway look a lot better, but so does your curb appeal. Regardless of the reasons to clean your driveway, whether it be to boost your home’s value or to get rid of dirt, remember the tips above to ensure an effective and productive driveway cleaning session!

Absolute Armour & Sons provides various specialist building services such as artificial lawns, fencing and landscaping to both commercial and domestic clients. If you are looking to have professionals do your driveway in Dorset, work with us today!


When talking about a home renovation project, it typically conjures an image of your house getting reconstructed and redesigned. At times, you pay particular attention to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other parts of your house for a remodelling project. However, did you know that giving your outdoor space a facelift can make a huge difference in your property? Not only will it improve your property’s curb appeal, but it will also increase its overall value!


If ever you think about boosting your outdoor space, here are six awesome ways to do so:


  1. Add in some lighting


Proper lighting is the best way to illuminate your outdoor space at night. Whether it is general, task, or ambient lighting, it allows you to create the perfect ambience and set the right mood. There are various types of lighting you can install outside, such as spotlights, path markers, and patio string lights; you just have to see what works best for your property. However, be sure to opt for solar or LED lighting fixtures for energy efficiency.


  1. Utilise weatherproof furniture


It’s best to set and arrange pieces of furniture in your outdoor space where you and your guests can sit and relax in a cosy ambience. If you have a patio and deck, you have all the right reasons to invest in these furniture pieces. However, be sure that they are made of weather-resistant materials like powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker. That way, they can withstand the harsh outdoor elements and last for as long as possible.


  1. Install an outdoor kitchen


Why not consider having an outdoor kitchen for some grilling and cooking sessions? It’s a great idea to have your family gather around outside for a weekend bonding activity or invite some guests for a barbecue party. With mouthwatering grilled foods coupled with a few drinks, the space will be absolutely amazing and functional!


  1. Have an entertainment space


It’s an excellent idea to turn your outdoor space into an entertainment hub. As long as you have a balcony or an extended roof in your patio, you can have an outdoor living space with some entertainment appliances and systems installed. With these fixtures, you and your family or guests can watch a movie or enjoy playing video games, even outdoors!


  1. Build and design a garden


Why not consider having a garden to grow some seasonal flowers and vegetation? If you have a green thumb, doing this can be such a great idea, particularly if you enjoy gardening as a hobby. Ultimately, communing with nature through simple gardening and cherishing your green surroundings can give you the utmost peace of mind.


  1. Install a patio and deck


If you haven’t constructed and designed your outdoor space, it’s best to have a patio and deck outside of your house. While a deck is an open outdoor porch without a roof, a patio is a paved area situated directly on the ground outside your home. While both serve functional purposes as an outdoor space, they can also significantly enhance the curb appeal of your property!




At this point, you now have an idea on how to boost your outdoor space and also the property’s value. As outlined above, all it takes is to have some lighting, use weatherproof furniture, install an outdoor kitchen, have an entertainment space, build and design a garden, and install a patio and deck. With these in place, you’ll now have a visually appealing and highly functional outdoor space that will kick your property up a notch!


Are you looking to transform your outdoor space with the help of a landscape building company in Bournemouth? You’ve come to the right place! We provide a wide range of outdoor construction services for residential properties such as general landscape, garden, groundwork, paving, and driveways. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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The driveway design in residential properties is easy to overlook, paving specialists in Poole will tell you that it plays a pivotal part in the home living experience more than you think. The looks can make or mar the exterior home’s curb appeal, while the materials, layout, and overall finish can impact its functionality and durability.


After all, the outdoor space deserves equal attention as you would in your home’s interior design, so taking the time to improve the driveway can do wonders for boosting the property’s value. If you’re at a loss on what to do with your driveway, the list below explores some design ideas that can enhance your property in more ways than one.


Different Driveway Designs to Consider For Your Home

1: Go for the Best of Both Worlds with a Mix of Brick and Grassy Areas


Homeowners with a garden that enhances the exterior property can still keep the verdant landscape by going for a paving design that balances brick and grassy areas. It’s an attractive option for those who don’t need a large driveway, leaving room to welcome both form and functionality in its finish. The best part is that it’s a cost-effective alternative since it uses less paving materials.


2: Drive-Up the Visual Interest by Adding Concentric Circles


Brick or concrete driveways are the perennial favorites thanks to its reliable durability, longevity, and classic appeal, but its look often looks straightforward. Suppose you want to enhance the property and add a unique touch. In that case, you can request professional pavers to lay down the materials in a concentric circle to give a simple layout a much-needed cosmetic upgrade.


3: Embrace Eco-Living with Porous Pavers


Neighborhoods set in rainy regions means that dealing with a soggy front or backyard is a common occurrence, making it a troublesome feature that only adds to your home maintenance list.


For a more relaxed experience, designing your driveway to have porous pavers can leave room for grass to grow in between the material. It introduces a semblance of eco-friendliness to the scene without compromising your convenience.


4: Can’t Choose? Play Around with Different Materials


Who says you have to choose between asphalt, brick, concrete, pavers, and other driveway materials? If you’re not afraid to go bold with the design, then mixing different materials can help set borders and complement your home’s theme.


The Bottom Line: Exploring Driveway Design Ideas Paving the Way For Your Home Remodel


The driveway is the one who often takes the brunt of daily wear-and-tear, which means it can easily compromise your curb appeal if it’s left unattended.


Why Choose Us?


If you need a professional to pave the way for your dream driveway, we’re full-range paving specialists in Poole, UK, who offer bespoke driveway solutions that can beautify your property.


Whether the project involves groundworks, general landscape building, block paving, and garden design for domestic and commercial clients, we’re right up your alley! Get in touch with us at 07792 250548 to see what we can do to transform your landscape.


When building or upgrading a Driveway in Dorset, one of the most important aspects to consider is the material that it should be made of. That is because there are many different kinds available out there, and each will offer you different benefits and advantages.


With that in mind, the right driveway material for you will depend mostly on your needs. For example, concrete may work better for those looking for an affordable solution, while those looking to capitalize on aesthetics may opt for block paving.


Here are the different types of materials you can consider when building your Driveway in Dorset:


  1. Gravel


Gravel has long been associated with luxurious properties, lining endless driveways that add a feeling of sophistication exclusivity. For this reason, many are surprised to know that gravel is one of the cheapest driveway solutions available. That is because they are straightforward to install and are readily available.


However, there is one massive drawback to gravel driveways: high maintenance. Because the material is loose, you will need to put in plenty of work to keep your driveway flat. Weeds and plants can also grow in the gaps, requiring plenty of attention to get rid of.


  1. Asphalt


Asphalt is one of the most commonly used materials in building roads and driveways. However, its popularity has recently been dropping due to some of the problems it poses. For example, if the ambient temperature gets too hot, asphalt can lose its shape and become sticky. It also is not as aesthetically pleasing as many of the other options listed here. The only reason many people use asphalt is its affordability. If you are on a limited budget, you can consider this material.


  1. Concrete


Like asphalt, concrete is also one of your go-to options if you do not have much money. It is relatively affordable to use on your driveway and is decent at improving its appearance. Unfortunately, it is not free of problems. Poorly installed concrete driveways are known to crack severely due to changing temperatures, so it pays to work with a professional who knows their craft.


  1. Imprinted concrete


Speaking of concrete, imprinted concrete, also known as decorative concrete, can be used to increase the aesthetics of a driveway. The difference between installing typical concrete driveways and decorative ones is that you can choose what design and colour you want the concrete to be in. This increases the installation cost, so remember to keep that in mind.


  1. Resin


There are generally two types of resin driveways: bonded and bound. With bonded resin, you enjoy a much cheaper solution at the cost of durability. With bounded resin, you pay a little more but enjoy one that can last a lot longer. Regardless of which one you choose, both varieties are relatively affordable!


However, they come with a few problems. For example, they can crack under heat, change colour due to sunlight if they are not UV-stable, and can have unsightly streaks if improperly mixed.


  1. Natural stone


If money is not a concern, and you are looking for what is arguably the most visually pleasing driveway, natural stone driveways are your best option. They will look visually stunning and stay durable, no matter the time of year.


However, if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly option, you may want to avoid natural stone. While they may be natural, the process of collecting them is not!




There are many other surfaces you can go for apart from those mentioned above, such as grass paving, block paving, and more. Each of these materials come with their pros and cons, and it will be your job to figure out which material can fully satisfy your needs and requirements.


Regardless of which option you opt for, be sure to work with professionals. That way, you can make sure you make the most out of your investment, benefiting you with a reliable driveway that will serve you for many years to come.

Absolute Armour & Sons provides specialized building services for domestic and commercial needs, from groundworks and concreting to driveways and more. If you require professionals to help build a Driveway in Dorset, contact us today!

Driveway Specialist Bournemouth- 5 Common Driveway Types in the UK

The UK has plenty of homes that have varying designs. With residential areas that have properties built from the early 1900s and even more modern renditions, these all require different driveways to preserve their aesthetic. With a variety of driveway options available for UK homes, you have endless possibilities for choosing what fits your new home best. Here are 5 Commons types that your Driveway specialist may suggest.


Both residential and commercial establishments can likewise benefit from these, and each will give an added visual value to the overall design. Each type of driveway in the UK varies in price, and building the right one depends on your budget. They also have different maintenance procedures and can add additional value to your property if you decide to sell it in the future.


The Different Driveways that are Common in the UK


Driveways are pieces of groundwork that are essential in preserving aesthetics and being functional pieces of construction. With the different materials you can use for your driveways, you can find many ways to accent your home. Each of these has varying grip levels, which makes some better for those with cars and other vehicles. Either way, a good groundwork project for the front of a home will provide form and functional features. Here are five driveways you can choose for your house to give it a unique appeal:


  1. Concrete


Concrete driveways are the most common form, as they are the cheapest to lay down while being easy to install and maintain. They are a popular choice for both urban and suburban areas, as they can last for over 30 years if maintained properly. While these can grow some natural matter like moss and other plants, a good power wash and sweep will keep these clear and safe to use. Chemicals can be used safely to clean out markings from car tyres and even stains from oil and other liquids.


An issue residents have with concrete driveways is that it is weak when winter comes around. Due to de-icing and the sharp temperature drops, cracking can occur over the years. However, don’t let this discourage you from getting a concrete driveway, as this very rarely happens to a properly-laid down groundwork foundation.


  1. Asphalt


Asphalt is commonly used in many roads moving throughout the UK and all over the world. The grip of asphalt is exceptional, and it is also cheaper than concrete. Paving specialists often recommend this material due to its weather-resistant properties and ease of installation. One issue is that it might need more maintenance over the years, but cracks and holes that appear are easy to fill compared to the required replacement for concrete paving. If you do not mind the aesthetics of having an asphalt driveway, this is an excellent choice, as it provides a more cost-effective groundwork foundation.


  1. Gravel


These driveways are a mix of rock, clay, and sand to give a loose material that is very low-cost but lasts a lifetime. If you have a house that is visually similar to a vacation home, gravel driveways can be an excellent way to give a natural vibe and a different colour tint. This driveway, despite the use of small rock pieces, has a good grip and can provide many UK homes with a nice touch.


  1. Brick


Brick driveways are aesthetically pleasing, which paving specialists frequently recommend for good visual appeal and grip due to the nature of pavers. They look clean if appropriately done, and it is easy to replace any bricks that crack or shatter due to weather or excess movement from vehicles. Brick looks good with a variety of home designs, and are an elegant way to add value.


  1. Cobblestone


Cobblestone is distinct in its appeal due to its old-world aesthetic. Historical family homes that were built earlier in the previous century can benefit from a driveway revamp using cobblestone. This paving will preserve the overall visual appearance of the house while being easily replaceable despite its ability to last for decades with proper care.




Driveway specialists always recommend these five types of driveways to clients who wish to preserve their home’s appearance. With each offering a unique look, these also add value to the overall property as part of its beautification. Choosing the right groundwork paving comes with the maintenance, budgeting, and other components of the paving job, so considering which fits the bill is essential in a good outcome.


Absolute Armour & Sons is a Driveway Specialist in the UK that contracts for driveways and groundwork in Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and other surrounding areas. For the best services in residential and commercial driveways, contact us to turn your home or establishment into a whole new one.


Everyone loves having a stunning natural lawn in which to enjoy a warm summer afternoon, but most of us don’t appreciate the headache that goes into ensuring everything looks perfect. More than a little time and money goes into watering, trimming, and making sure a natural lawn looks good. Because of this, many homeowners opt for artificial lawns instead. Having your grass swapped out for this alternative means you can enjoy an entirely green lawn no matter the time of the year!

Are you tired of taking care of your natural lawn? Here are a few reasons to go artificial!


1. It doesn’t require water

As with all living things, grass needs water to not only stay alive but stay green and beautiful. If you water too little, you stand the risk of dealing with dead or dying grass, both of which do not look good on your lawn. Fortunately, synthetic grass solves this problem!


No longer do you have to head out on a hot afternoon day to water your lawn. With artificial grass, no water is needed to keep it from turning brown and dying, since it is not alive in the first place. The only time you will need to use water is to clean any dirt, but this is simple to do. Another great benefit to this is that not having to water your grass saves a lot of money on your water bill!


2. It doesn’t have to be mowed

The best and worst thing about real grass is that it grows. Maintaining a lush green lawn is possible if you have the time and energy to dedicate to it. However, most of us find that there are many other things we’d rather be doing. If you want to keep your home from looking like a jungle while allowing yourself more downtime, opt for an artificial lawn. Since the blades won’t grow, there is no need to mow it.

You can say goodbye to the majority of your gardening activities and hello to a perfect lawn that stays that way every day.


3. It looks great all the time

Natural grass will not look consistent throughout the year. Depending on the season, it will change. This can be quite annoying because even if you put year-round care in, you’ll be rewarded with a dried, sad lawn during the winter.

An artificial lawn is going to look excellent throughout the year. No matter the season, whether hot, cold, rainy, or dry, the blades will stay green and beautiful. Minimal maintenance may be required on high-traffic areas, but it is as simple as raking it back up to allow the synthetic blades to stand again.



While natural lawn can hang around for many years, all the work that is required to keep it beautifully takes a toll. Fortunately, artificial lawns last many years, remaining resistant to wear and tear. With the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance and the resistance to all sorts of climates, it is the best solution for any homeowner wanting a green lawn without all the effort. So, if you are on the lookout for ways to enjoy a forever green lawn that you do not have to pay attention too much on, opt for artificial lawns. There are many options out there in the market that will satisfy any of your requirements!

Absolute Armour & Sons is a specialist building service in the UK offering a variety of services such as concrete, artificial lawns, and more. If you need an artificial lawn installed on your property, reach out to us!


There is no doubt that real grass is an amazing aspect of any home’s front yard or backyard. The lush greens, the scent of it after a rainy morning, and just the feel of it are amazing. Real grass is amazing until you realize all the care you have to put into making it look good long term, especially during colder seasons like winter and fall. Realistically, who wants to wake up real early and spend a weekend morning mowing the lawn for practically hours on end when the week already seems to have too little time.


Real grass normally needs more care than usual, and if you have the time and the patience to care for it, then we applaud you for your dedication because we really do love real lawns. However, more and more people are shifting to artificial grasses for their yards because of how low maintenance they are and how nice they look.


A number of these people are pet owners who want a nice place for their pets to play that is easier to maintain and still maintain the look of a garden. Here is why pet owners love artificial grass and why you’ll want it, too:


No More Lawn Stains

Owning a dog means bringing the little fella out to pee and poop quite often, which leads to grass dying or getting discoloured. This is inevitable, as you’d rather have your dog relieve itself outside the house than inside, and a yard full of artificial turf will maintain the grassy look while keeping the green colour.


Easy To Clean And Maintain

Modern technologies have created turf that looks uber-realistic and is very high-quality. In some gardens, long grass can hide dog poop and unpleasant surprises like dangerous animals or insects that can be harmful to children and animals alike. An artificial grass garden will have none of this, as it stays flat all year round.


Cleaning after your pet is also easy, as you can use water and soap to clean the turf without worrying about the chemicals killing it. As we mentioned above, you won’t need to deal with cutting the grass or heavily maintaining it because it is all man-made and does not die or grow weeds. Additionally, your garden will stay lush and green no matter what season goes by. You can even host a nice backyard party any day of the year if you wanted.


No More Holes And Mud

Dogs love to dig, and giving them freedom in your garden means they will have a field day with all that dirt. Not only will this get them dirty, but it also means they’ll start tracking dirt into your house that requires extra cleaning. When grass grows over holes, you have the risk of tripping in them and getting seriously injured. With an artificial grass garden, say goodbye to holes and mud from getting your pet dirty, which means you can make them run around the garden all day!


You’ll Have Fewer Pests

Gardens are full of insects and pests that cling onto your pet’s fur. Ticks, fleas and bugs are some of them, and can easily be a problem inside your home if you let your pet out often. Turf is normally free of these insects and will provide fewer problems down the line because these bugs survive on natural materials, and a man-made lawn makes it less likely for them to thrive.


It Is Affordable And Eco-Friendly

With artificial grass, you will be using fewer pesticides, chemicals, care products and time taking care of it. This means it is safer for kids to play in, better for the environment and safe for pets. The time saved by turf is significant, and the money saved from purchasing care products and running grasscutters can be used for better things.



Artificial grass is definitely the solution to saving time and money, as the maintenance aspect of it is practically nonexistent. You will also have an aesthetically pleasing lawn or garden all year round and require less work done after fall and winter kills off the grass and leaves. Make the shift to turf today and start saving!


Looking for artificial grass for your lawn? Reach out to us today! Absolute Armour & Sons is a specialist building service in the UK offering a variety of services such as concrete, artificial lawns, and more.


In recent years, the range of possibilities that UK homeowners can capitalise on when trying to beautify their home is nearly endless. From top-quality siding projects and garden paving concepts to living room revamps and kitchen overhauls, you’ll never run out of different ways to personalise your property. Whether you’ve got a tight budget, an unforgiving sense of style, or an unfathomable determination to transform the way your humble abode looks and feels, you’ll always have the resources and services to depend on.


Nowadays, there’s one home renovation project that many providers get more inquiries about more than any other: Garden ponds.


What’s so special about having a garden pond?


Although it may seem like a simple project idea at first, the truth is that garden ponds have a significant impact over the look and feel of a property.


Despite the advent of “Zen” trends and a push towards the irresistibly-minimal nature of Japanese architecture, the truth is that their appeal extends far beyond being that of a mere trend. If you’re keen on having a garden pond soon but aren’t sure if the opportunity is worth jumping at, here are three crucial benefits that will convince you to leap:


Benefit #1: They look fantastic in any property


One of the biggest benefits of garden ponds is that their appeal is universal, meaning that they’ll always sit well in any type of home.


Whether you’ve got a large home, a small one, a wide one, or a tight one, getting a garden pond in place will undoubtedly transform your curb appeal right off the bat. Contrary to other upgrades that are just as-is, such add-ons bear an even higher level of attractiveness because they have a rippling surface that makes for a beautiful focal point in your front-side greener, especially when flowering flora surround it!


Benefit #2: They help fill in the gaps


When it comes to understanding the practical side in looking at the bigger picture of why you should opt for a garden pond, it’s crucial to realise that it’s an excellent way to use up any available space.


If you have a plain patio or an empty lawn that yields no more than greeneries when you look at it, take this as a sign to have a beautiful garden pond built so that you can maximise your outdoor space. With the help of this critical visual upgrade, you can fill in the gaps and prevent your property from losing its appeal over an overabundance of space that makes the whole facade look incomplete!

Benefit #3: They increase your property’s value


Speaking of curb appeal and attractive facades, did you know that having a garden pond also adds a significant amount of padding to the value of your property?

When done by a trustworthy expert with years of experience in pond design and creation—such as Absolute Armour & Sons—a well-constructed patio or lawn piece will cause your property’s market value to skyrocket. Whether it’s a small edge in a highly competitive home market or adding a “wow” factor that will make your property pop, having a well-constructed pond in place will help a ton once you decide to sell your home!




Out of all the different ways that you can upgrade the way your home looks and feels, none can be more impactful than the presence of a garden pond, and the benefits explain why. With the help of this breathtakingly-beautiful lawn fixture, you can start reaping the countless advantages in no time while you stare at your revitalised outdoor space!


If you’re looking for landscape building in Bournemouth, we are the experts who will make your garden pond project happen with finesse. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help transform your property with our passion for making visions come to life!