Landscape building in Bournemouth – 4 Ideas for Privacy in Your Garden

Landscape building in Bournemouth - 4 Ideas for Privacy in Your Garden

Once in a while, it will work to your advantage to find a peaceful and quiet place to relax and be alone with your thoughts. It is increasingly getting more challenging to have a relaxing time alone because of all the technology, nosy neighbours, and the hustle and bustle of traffic noises. One way to block out these distractions is to have your private time in your own private garden. Below we have put together four ideas for Landscape building in Bournemouth gardens and with added privacy.


Having a garden will bring tranquillity and calm to an otherwise busy and stressful life. A garden is a perfect sanctuary for people who may sometimes need a break from their urban lifestyles. It is the ideal place to get away from prying eyes and clear their head. After reading this article, you will have an idea of the most practical landscaping themes to help you get started in building your own little garden.


4 Landscaping Ideas for Added Privacy in Your Garden


The first step is mapping out your ideas for your garden. Having a general idea of which plants, trees, and garden features will go where will make the process of constructing your garden an easier feat for you.


1 – Install a Fence


A fence will provide privacy for your garden. It is your first initial defence from nosy neighbours, and it will keep your garden safe from the elements when extreme weather befalls your neighbourhood. If you do not yet have a fence in the area where you plan to put your garden, it would be wise to install one. However, if you already have an existing fence, it may be best to take a look at it to see if it needs any repairs or reinforcement.


2 – Add a Trellis


A trellis will be a beautiful (and useful) addition to any garden. You can add vines and other climbing plants on it, and it will add an extra layer of privacy and protection for your garden once the vines fully envelop it. It will also provide a more aesthetically pleasing way to display other potted plants, as you can hang them on the trellis.


3 – Build a Pergola


A pergola is a shaded area that will protect you from the harsh sunlight should you want to take a nap outside on lazy afternoons. Pergolas can also be used to hang plants and have vines grow on them. If your fence and trellis are not enough in terms of privacy, a pergola will help you feel secure as you relax in your garden.


4 – Put Hedges and Shrubbery


Hedges and shrubbery may also be used in place of a fence. Shrubs and trees are a more natural way to create a private space for you to go when you need time to think. The only disadvantage that plants and shrubbery have is that it may take some time for them to grow and fully obscure the garden and your personal space from people peering in from the outside. However, with patience, your shrubbery will grow into a natural fence that will complete the overall look and feel of your garden fortress.


You may opt to install a fence first while you give your shrubbery a chance to grow. When you feel confident that your trees and shrubbery will be tall enough to provide ample privacy, you may choose to remove your fence.




Whether you want to test your skills as a green thumb or if you want to have a private space where you can go to relax and clear your mind, you can achieve these goals if you have a garden. Following the above-mentioned tips will increase the privacy of your garden and make it a safe sanctuary you can retreat to when you need it.


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2 Essential Tips When Building a Garden Pond: Our Guide

2 Essential Tips When Building a Garden Pond

No matter what type of home you have, whether it’s big, small, wide, or narrow, any British house with a nice, sprawling lawn will always be made better if there’s a garden pond out front.


When executed properly, the average pond can add a significant amount of beauty, elegance, and interest to a yard because of how impactful the seemingly-simple addition can make. As you continue to dabble into the idea of building a garden pond, it will make even more sense to have one built right away since it can only get more attractive as time passes by.


A few tips for building the perfect garden pond


Whether they’re used for meditation and reflection or for glitz and glamour, garden ponds will always need to be built in the right way, or matters can turn quite unsightly if the plans are not done well.


At Absolute Armour & Sons, we’ve seen our fair share of clients who jumped right into the building process without any preliminary planning or proper consideration of all the right tips. Although these ponds operate as great focal points in any property, they can be quite demanding in terms of adherence to basic guidelines because of how strict matters can get for a perfect finish.


If you’re keen on outfitting your front lawn with a new aquatic fixture, here are two tips that you can use to assure yourself of a perfect, attractive finish:


Tip #1: Settle on a depth before all else


Often, the costliest adjustments (or the most mistaken and unsightly ones) in any garden pond project will come from an inability to settle on the right depth to work with. This is why it pays to settle the shallow-deep debate quickly.


The main reason the depth of your garden pond is a critical decision is that it heavily affects the cost and appearance of a pond. For instance, deeper ponds will call for a few design adjustments and cost reconsiderations because their bottoms won’t be as visible, meaning you’ll need to focus more on the top area. Shallow ponds, on the other hand, will make it more crucial to display decorative rocks to bring it all together while also requiring a system that makes it easier to handle the accelerated algae build-up.


Once you get to decide on a specific depth to work with, it becomes easier to tinker with the other factors that follow because of the subsequent adjustments and decisions!


Tip #2: Understand reconciling eventual pond size with the pond liner size


One of the most significant factors that we emphasise on when helping clients put their dream garden pond set-ups together is the relationship between the size of a pond and its liner.


The main fact that most people need to understand when placing a still water fixture in their lawn or yard is that a garden pond can only be as large as the size of its underlying pond liner. Before you get to digging, you’ll need to account for your liner size so that you accurately attain the right finish size instead of getting a fixture that does not fit!




When it comes to creating a garden pond, attaining a perfect finish boils down to following the right steps to ensure that no unwanted issues or unsightly finishes follow suit. Through the help of the two tips mentioned above, you can keep your building and planning processes airtight so that you end up with the kind of finish that you’ve always dreamt of having for your home!


If you’re looking for landscape building in Bournemouth, we are the experts who will make your garden pond project happen with finesse. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help transform your property with our passion for making visions come to life!

3 Reasons to Replace Your Natural Lawn With an Artificial One


Everyone loves having a stunning natural lawn in which to enjoy a warm summer afternoon, but most of us don’t appreciate the headache that goes into ensuring everything looks perfect. More than a little time and money goes into watering, trimming, and making sure a natural lawn looks good. Because of this, many homeowners opt for artificial lawns instead. Having your grass swapped out for this alternative means you can enjoy an entirely green lawn no matter the time of the year!

Are you tired of taking care of your natural lawn? Here are a few reasons to go artificial!


1. It doesn’t require water

As with all living things, grass needs water to not only stay alive but stay green and beautiful. If you water too little, you stand the risk of dealing with dead or dying grass, both of which do not look good on your lawn. Fortunately, synthetic grass solves this problem!


No longer do you have to head out on a hot afternoon day to water your lawn. With artificial grass, no water is needed to keep it from turning brown and dying, since it is not alive in the first place. The only time you will need to use water is to clean any dirt, but this is simple to do. Another great benefit to this is that not having to water your grass saves a lot of money on your water bill!


2. It doesn’t have to be mowed

The best and worst thing about real grass is that it grows. Maintaining a lush green lawn is possible if you have the time and energy to dedicate to it. However, most of us find that there are many other things we’d rather be doing. If you want to keep your home from looking like a jungle while allowing yourself more downtime, opt for an artificial lawn. Since the blades won’t grow, there is no need to mow it.

You can say goodbye to the majority of your gardening activities and hello to a perfect lawn that stays that way every day.


3. It looks great all the time

Natural grass will not look consistent throughout the year. Depending on the season, it will change. This can be quite annoying because even if you put year-round care in, you’ll be rewarded with a dried, sad lawn during the winter.

An artificial lawn is going to look excellent throughout the year. No matter the season, whether hot, cold, rainy, or dry, the blades will stay green and beautiful. Minimal maintenance may be required on high-traffic areas, but it is as simple as raking it back up to allow the synthetic blades to stand again.



While natural lawn can hang around for many years, all the work that is required to keep it beautifully takes a toll. Fortunately, artificial lawns last many years, remaining resistant to wear and tear. With the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance and the resistance to all sorts of climates, it is the best solution for any homeowner wanting a green lawn without all the effort. So, if you are on the lookout for ways to enjoy a forever green lawn that you do not have to pay attention too much on, opt for artificial lawns. There are many options out there in the market that will satisfy any of your requirements!

Absolute Armour & Sons is a specialist building service in the UK offering a variety of services such as concrete, artificial lawns, and more. If you need an artificial lawn installed on your property, reach out to us!

Why Pet Owners Are Shifting To Artificial Grass Gardens


There is no doubt that real grass is an amazing aspect of any home’s front yard or backyard. The lush greens, the scent of it after a rainy morning, and just the feel of it are amazing. Real grass is amazing until you realize all the care you have to put into making it look good long term, especially during colder seasons like winter and fall. Realistically, who wants to wake up real early and spend a weekend morning mowing the lawn for practically hours on end when the week already seems to have too little time.


Real grass normally needs more care than usual, and if you have the time and the patience to care for it, then we applaud you for your dedication because we really do love real lawns. However, more and more people are shifting to artificial grasses for their yards because of how low maintenance they are and how nice they look.


A number of these people are pet owners who want a nice place for their pets to play that is easier to maintain and still maintain the look of a garden. Here is why pet owners love artificial grass and why you’ll want it, too:


No More Lawn Stains

Owning a dog means bringing the little fella out to pee and poop quite often, which leads to grass dying or getting discoloured. This is inevitable, as you’d rather have your dog relieve itself outside the house than inside, and a yard full of artificial turf will maintain the grassy look while keeping the green colour.


Easy To Clean And Maintain

Modern technologies have created turf that looks uber-realistic and is very high-quality. In some gardens, long grass can hide dog poop and unpleasant surprises like dangerous animals or insects that can be harmful to children and animals alike. An artificial grass garden will have none of this, as it stays flat all year round.


Cleaning after your pet is also easy, as you can use water and soap to clean the turf without worrying about the chemicals killing it. As we mentioned above, you won’t need to deal with cutting the grass or heavily maintaining it because it is all man-made and does not die or grow weeds. Additionally, your garden will stay lush and green no matter what season goes by. You can even host a nice backyard party any day of the year if you wanted.


No More Holes And Mud

Dogs love to dig, and giving them freedom in your garden means they will have a field day with all that dirt. Not only will this get them dirty, but it also means they’ll start tracking dirt into your house that requires extra cleaning. When grass grows over holes, you have the risk of tripping in them and getting seriously injured. With an artificial grass garden, say goodbye to holes and mud from getting your pet dirty, which means you can make them run around the garden all day!


You’ll Have Fewer Pests

Gardens are full of insects and pests that cling onto your pet’s fur. Ticks, fleas and bugs are some of them, and can easily be a problem inside your home if you let your pet out often. Turf is normally free of these insects and will provide fewer problems down the line because these bugs survive on natural materials, and a man-made lawn makes it less likely for them to thrive.


It Is Affordable And Eco-Friendly

With artificial grass, you will be using fewer pesticides, chemicals, care products and time taking care of it. This means it is safer for kids to play in, better for the environment and safe for pets. The time saved by turf is significant, and the money saved from purchasing care products and running grasscutters can be used for better things.



Artificial grass is definitely the solution to saving time and money, as the maintenance aspect of it is practically nonexistent. You will also have an aesthetically pleasing lawn or garden all year round and require less work done after fall and winter kills off the grass and leaves. Make the shift to turf today and start saving!


Looking for artificial grass for your lawn? Reach out to us today! Absolute Armour & Sons is a specialist building service in the UK offering a variety of services such as concrete, artificial lawns, and more.

3 Gardening Trends Well Worth Considering in 2020

Gardening Trends Well Worth Considering in 2020

With more people being forced to spend time at home in fulfilment of social distancing guidelines, the state of the UK and its lockdown restrictions have made for more opportunities to catch up on or grow new passions.


From “fitness at home” to artwork and writing, the number of interests and hobbies that can be picked up during this time is nearly endless. Among all the various new trends and interests to consider, there’s one scene that’s having the most fun under lockdown: Gardening.

Whether it may be about hardcore gardening, highly-detailed landscaping, or bonsai care, this year is undoubtedly much greener for gardening. As the lower number of cars on the road effectively leads to cleaner air and more time and attention can be spent on taking care of any potted or soil-embedded plant, it’s clear that there’s no better time to enjoy this hobby than today.


While many aspects are responsible for making gardening a much more attractive idea for anyone looking to make the most out of their time, the 2020 trends make everything much sweeter. Fortunately, these crucial developments aren’t hidden in any way because you can always read about them online.

A few 2020 gardening trends well worth watching out for!

If you want to take your gardening game up a notch with crafty and creative ideas, here are a few gardening trends well worth watching out for in 2020:


Trend #1: Taking care of sophisticated houseplants

Now that high-quality foliages are widely available for those looking to improve their greenery, opting for more sophisticated houseplants is an emerging trend expected to take place in 2020. With more and more budding gardeners becoming familiar with the intricacies of the craft, specimens, such as alocasias, calatheas, and monsteras are in high demand because of their textures, patterns, and variety.

Trend #2: Lawn styling

As opposed to a few years ago where getting into gardening seemed like a competition of who can make their lawn or garden more “fancy,” 2020 is currently seeing a rise in relaxed yards.

Instead of opting for high-maintenance bowling green lawns that look like a garden straight out of Buckingham Palace, you should go for more relaxed wildflower lawns that have a laid back approach. Aside from having a fresh sight every morning, opting for a carefree yard is also highly recommended as it goes a long way towards protecting the environment and wildlife!


Trend #3: Gadgets and gardening

For anyone who loves to get lost in the world of gardening without missing out on the available modern developments, it’s safe to stay that 2020 is a great year to be in.

Thanks to the advent of advanced technology, horticulture has become high-tech in a sense where it now uses gadgets in the garden that help make the caretaking process much more manageable. If your green thumb hasn’t bloomed as quickly as you’d like it to, fret not because applications’ automated watering systems can fill in the gaps until you adjust.



Although times like these can be quite daunting for any Brit, 2020 has its upsides in the form of emerging gardening trends that are exciting. If you find yourself looking to catch up with the times and make sure that you aren’t missing out on the latest gardening trends, then there’s no need to worry because this guide will help you out!


If you’re a budding gardener looking to make the most out of your home’s greenery, we have the most excellent artificial grass, block paving, garden design, and groundwork services in Wiltshire. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can transform your lawn and home with professional treatments in no time!