A Guide to Designing Your Driveway

A Guide to Designing Your Driveway-in-wiltshire

Your driveway’s design may seem like a minor aspect of your home, but it can add so much more value to a property than you might think. A nice, new driveway can add curb appeal to your house by giving it a well-kept appearance, which always creates an excellent first impression. It also provides an adequate level of security as the first line of defence when it comes to potential break-ins.


A good driveway design will combine both the functionality of security and an aesthetically pleasing look, which can be done with only the top paving specialists in the area. Here’s a guide on how you can achieve the best driveway for your home:


Determining the Size of the Driveway


Your new driveway must adhere to regulations that specify a minimum of three meters wide to fit an average-sized car. If you’re including parking and turning, it may have to be wider.


Figuring Out the Cost of a New Driveway


Depending on the size of your driveway area, the material you’ve chosen to work with, and the amount of preparation needed, driveway prices will vary significantly. The cost of labour to complete the project should also be factored in.


On average, groundwork is estimated at £20 per square metre. Surfaces like gravel will cost somewhere around £4 per square metre, while resin-bound paving costs as much as £54 per square metre. Deciding on your budget and what you want to pave your driveway will help you finalise the cost of the groundworks.


Choosing the Material for Your Driveway


There are a wide array of driveway materials to choose from. Selecting the best one should take into consideration your home’s exterior and front garden, as well as whether you’ll be anticipating things like oil spills that might ruin the look of your pavement. Detailed houses will often look best with plain finishes while understated exteriors pair well materials that add interest to your driveway design.


Another thing to consider is the drainage option you have on your property. Keep in mind that poured surfaces are more difficult to repair and replace compared to blocks and paving choices!


There are numerous paving and surface materials you can choose from when designing your driveway, which fall into three categories: loose materials, block paving, and concrete and asphalt.


Loose materials, like gravel, work well as they retain rainwater and serve a security function since you can hear people approaching. Block paving allows water to drain away but may need sealing to be made slip-resistant. You can get creative with this type of paving material. When it comes to low-cost, durable, and low maintenance, concrete and asphalt are your best bet. These look best on sloping sites and have a contemporary look given the right setting.


Designing the Driveway Itself


  1. Straight or Curved


This will depend on the area you have for your driveway. Larger ones can accommodate long and straight driveways, while smaller ones will do well with curved designs. Focus on designing with the materials you choose for more limited areas.


  1. Getting Around on Foot


Keep in mind that your driveway and front yard or garden should transition smoothly. When designing pathways to your front door, carefully think about how easy you can make it for someone to get there without having to take any detours. If you have a garage, then consider how you’ll get from there to your house on foot.


  1. Lighting Up Your Driveway


Including lighting in your driveway design must be decided early on so you can ensure it will be integrated well into your chosen material. Uplighters are one of the most popular options that won’t bother neighbours and still show off your garden. Drive-over lights also look subtle yet contemporary.


If you can, then try to go for motion-sensor lights to make sure they’re more energy-efficient and less bothersome.




There are many aspects to designing the right kind of groundworks for your home, whether you’re designing driveways in Bournemouth or elsewhere. Some may prefer a more detailed and traditional look, while others might choose a more contemporary look. Getting the right professionals to help you choose your material will ensure a beautiful, professional finished result.


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