Driveway Specialist – 5 Common Driveway Types in the UK

Driveway Specialist Bournemouth- 5 Common Driveway Types in the UK

The UK has plenty of homes that have varying designs. With residential areas that have properties built from the early 1900s and even more modern renditions, these all require different driveways to preserve their aesthetic. With a variety of driveway options available for UK homes, you have endless possibilities for choosing what fits your new home best. Here are 5 Commons types that your Driveway specialist may suggest.


Both residential and commercial establishments can likewise benefit from these, and each will give an added visual value to the overall design. Each type of driveway in the UK varies in price, and building the right one depends on your budget. They also have different maintenance procedures and can add additional value to your property if you decide to sell it in the future.


The Different Driveways that are Common in the UK


Driveways are pieces of groundwork that are essential in preserving aesthetics and being functional pieces of construction. With the different materials you can use for your driveways, you can find many ways to accent your home. Each of these has varying grip levels, which makes some better for those with cars and other vehicles. Either way, a good groundwork project for the front of a home will provide form and functional features. Here are five driveways you can choose for your house to give it a unique appeal:


  1. Concrete


Concrete driveways are the most common form, as they are the cheapest to lay down while being easy to install and maintain. They are a popular choice for both urban and suburban areas, as they can last for over 30 years if maintained properly. While these can grow some natural matter like moss and other plants, a good power wash and sweep will keep these clear and safe to use. Chemicals can be used safely to clean out markings from car tyres and even stains from oil and other liquids.


An issue residents have with concrete driveways is that it is weak when winter comes around. Due to de-icing and the sharp temperature drops, cracking can occur over the years. However, don’t let this discourage you from getting a concrete driveway, as this very rarely happens to a properly-laid down groundwork foundation.


  1. Asphalt


Asphalt is commonly used in many roads moving throughout the UK and all over the world. The grip of asphalt is exceptional, and it is also cheaper than concrete. Paving specialists often recommend this material due to its weather-resistant properties and ease of installation. One issue is that it might need more maintenance over the years, but cracks and holes that appear are easy to fill compared to the required replacement for concrete paving. If you do not mind the aesthetics of having an asphalt driveway, this is an excellent choice, as it provides a more cost-effective groundwork foundation.


  1. Gravel


These driveways are a mix of rock, clay, and sand to give a loose material that is very low-cost but lasts a lifetime. If you have a house that is visually similar to a vacation home, gravel driveways can be an excellent way to give a natural vibe and a different colour tint. This driveway, despite the use of small rock pieces, has a good grip and can provide many UK homes with a nice touch.


  1. Brick


Brick driveways are aesthetically pleasing, which paving specialists frequently recommend for good visual appeal and grip due to the nature of pavers. They look clean if appropriately done, and it is easy to replace any bricks that crack or shatter due to weather or excess movement from vehicles. Brick looks good with a variety of home designs, and are an elegant way to add value.


  1. Cobblestone


Cobblestone is distinct in its appeal due to its old-world aesthetic. Historical family homes that were built earlier in the previous century can benefit from a driveway revamp using cobblestone. This paving will preserve the overall visual appearance of the house while being easily replaceable despite its ability to last for decades with proper care.




Driveway specialists always recommend these five types of driveways to clients who wish to preserve their home’s appearance. With each offering a unique look, these also add value to the overall property as part of its beautification. Choosing the right groundwork paving comes with the maintenance, budgeting, and other components of the paving job, so considering which fits the bill is essential in a good outcome.


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