Does a Driveway Increase Property Value?


Some homeowners will go through home renovations to give their space the much-needed upgrades it needs to elevate their ranks in the market. And for some people, they would even consider adding a functional home exterior, such as a driveway. But the question is: will a driveway increase your home’s value?


After World War II, there has been an uptick in vehicles on the road year after year because it’s undeniably one of the most convenient forms of transportation. Because of this, it is expected that the number of vehicles will continue to rise in the future, increasing the demand for safe and secure parking spaces, even at home. For this reason, more homeowners are incorporating driveways in their homes.


Because there are many things to consider if you want to have a driveway in your home, it’s best to work with experienced landscape building services to help you get your driveway right and ensure that you’re following HOA and country road regulations.


If you’re considering having a driveway in your property and wondering if it would make a difference in your home’s value, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about driveways and if it can increase your property’s value.


How does having a driveway increase your home’s value?


Ideally, you’d want to avoid the burden of parking your car on the roadside and because of that, having driveways in your home is incredibly beneficial. Besides keeping your car away from other vehicles on the road, you also get lower car insurance and lower your risk of damage from roadside accidents.


When you have a driveway in your home, you’ll instantly impress potential homebuyers and reassure them that they can keep their vehicles safe. Besides, a home buyer makes up their mind on a house within the first few seconds of viewing, so if you have a driveway, you’ll get plus points right away.


How much increase should I expect?


Various factors come into play when knowing how much of your property value can increase by having a driveway. Some of the things you need to consider are your geographical locations, driveway’s size and surface. But generally, you can expect to see at least a 10% increase in value in your property.

How much should I invest in a driveway?


Building a driveway is a considerably big investment; however, the cost may still vary based on its size, location and surface. This is why you must work with credible landscape building services should you wish to incorporate a driveway into your home.


When you invest in a driveway, you’ll need to figure out its size or how many cars would fit in the space. Besides that, you’ll need to consider what type of surface you want, whether you want tarmac, resin, gravel or other options.


Working with a landscape building company will help you determine the right type of driveway and ensure that you’re adequately protecting your parked car, without compromising your home’s aesthetics.



Having a new driveway will definitely increase your home’s value, making it worth spending that extra money to help impress potential home buyers. To get the results and appearance that you want, it’s best to work with experts offering landscape building services for this home improvement project. So keep your cars safe, get a new driveway and increase the value of your home with one significant home improvement!


If you’re looking for landscape building in Bournemouth, check out Absolute Armour & Sons. We offer a full range of specialist building services such as groundworks, driveways, patios, concreting, block paving and more. Learn more about our services today!

Paving specialists in Poole – Stains You Can Encounter with Block Paving


Incorporating block paving in your residential or commercial driveway is beneficial because it offers an aesthetic appeal and a long-lasting finish to your property. While you try to maintain its good condition as best as possible, you must understand that your paving isn’t impervious to spills and stains.

Before you initiate the proper measures to get rid of the problem, you should take the time to determine where the stain came from so that you can perform the right solutions to eliminate it. That way, you can take care of the situation and prevent the stain or spill from getting worse and damaging your surface. Should you feel out of your depth or unable to attend this, you can also contact us the Paving specialists in Poole.

For best results, you should apply your stain treatment to one portion of the affected area and wait to see if it works properly before you proceed with working on the rest of your pavement. Keep reading below to discover the different kinds of stains that can cause problems to your block paving.


Moss, Lichens, and Algae

Moss, lichens, and algae are organisms that tend to grow in shaded areas that are damp and moist. If you find them on your driveway, you can get rid of them by using a tool to scrub them off thoroughly.

You can also consider applying chemicals to treat the affected area and eliminate moss or weed growing on your paving. The products may take a while to become effective, and you should utilise them when the climate is dry.


Tyre Marks

The change in the weather and the eventual wearing of your commercial paving allows tyre and skid marks to disappear on its own. But if you want faster results, you can scrub the region using hot water and detergent powder.

Make sure you use only the right amount of solution because applying too much can lead to some loss of pigment on your concrete. Aside from that, you can also incorporate power washing to get rid of the tyre marks left on your paving.


Rust Stains

You first need to establish where the rust stains are coming from before taking the necessary actions to treat your situation and prevent it from happening again. Once done, you will need to pour water on your pavement before putting a ten% hydrochloric acid solution over it.

If the solution isn’t available, you can use a similar product you can find from hardware stores. However, you must be careful with using hydrochloric acid because it tends to affect concrete and could leave a mark on the surface of your paving. Just make sure to follow the instructions when removing rust stains independently.


Paint Stains

If you accidentally put paint on your paving and it’s still fresh, you should apply an absorbent product over it and avoid spreading the stain. Afterwards, you should use the right solvent while adhering to instructions before you proceed with spraying the area with water and detergent.

However, if you’re dealing with dried up paint, try to scrape off as much as you can before using a paint remover to finish it off. Don’t forget to wash the region and throw away the remnants of dry paint to ensure your paving is clean and in good condition again.



Your block paving is relatively easy to maintain, so long as you wash and clean it when necessary to take care of any visible blemishes. If you want to guarantee your paving is in excellent condition for the years to come, it’s best to call a landscape building professional to handle your property for regular maintenance.

Are you looking for paving specialists in Poole, UK, to supervise your paving construction? Absolute Armour & Sons offers a full range of specialist building services to our domestic and commercial clients looking for groundworks, general landscape building, block paving, concreting, garden design, and more. Get in touch with us today so we can start improving your landscape!

5 Ideas on How to Kick Your Patio Space up a Notch

landscape building company in Bournemouth

When it comes to having a residential property makeover, many homeowners prioritise their living space, kitchen, or bathrooms, and most of them tend to neglect the property’s outdoor area. What many fail to realise is that the outdoor space can actually kick the curb appeal up a notch and increase the overall property value!


Installing a patio can make all the difference and how this can be achieved by recruiting a landscape building company in Bournemouth to help.


A patio is a paved area located directly on the ground made of various materials, such as concrete, brick, flagstone, pavers, and gravel. This area can serve as an outdoor place for dining, family bonding, barbecue party, outdoor gathering, and so much more.


If you want to install a patio in your residential property, here are five bright ideas for you to consider:


  1. Have seats around a fire on a flagstone patio


When it comes to installing an outdoor patio, choosing durable materials for hard surfaces will make a difference in your efforts. For this reason, selecting a flagstone material can be your best bet. While you’re at it, be sure to construct a structure for a small bonfire and have several seats around it to give you and your loved one a romantic night under the moonlit sky.


  1. Have a sports area through a brick patio


It is good to have an outdoor space that will allow you and your kids to play sports outside. When it comes to this, installing a brick patio will be beneficial for your activities. Sure, it may not appear as aesthetically pleasing as a flagstone, but it will surely be highly functional for any outdoor sports. What’s good about it is that it is relatively easy to install and maintain in the long run!


  1. Install a running bond for your brick patio


The “running bond” is a specific pattern for bricks that are commonly used in outdoor construction. This pattern can be perfect for your outdoor patio, which is notable for its soothing effect and aesthetic appeal. When considering this design, you can have a resting place in the middle of a garden filled with flowers, shrubs, and vegetation.


  1. Carve sophistication through a tile patio


If you want your outdoor space to look elegant and sophisticated, then you may want to consider a tile patio. This can be a hard-surface option for your outdoor space, but be wary of the materials you’ll opt for so that it doesn’t become counterproductive. For this reason, choose tile products meant for the outdoors to avoid any hazard risks and promote the utmost safety.


  1. Create a Zen-like outdoor patio


Zen practice has been all the rage these days, which is the practice of meditation to achieve, peace, harmony, and balance. Communing with nature in your outdoor space can make all the difference in your home ownership experience. If you want to have a place for Zen in your residential property, consider having a Zen-like outdoor patio instead!




At this point, you now have several unique ideas when installing a patio in your home to take it to the next level. As outlined above, all it takes is to have seats around a fire on a flagstone patio, have a sports area through a brick patio, install a running bond for your brick patio, carve sophistication through a tile patio, and create a Zen-like outdoor space. With these options, you can go through each of them to determine that best one for your property!


We’re a landscape building company in Bournemouth, specialising in outdoor construction services for residential properties, such as general landscape, garden, groundwork, paving, and driveways. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space through a patio, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Two Interesting Block Paving Ideas for Your Garden

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The easiest way to address an unkempt and underwhelming garden is to close your curtains and pretend it doesn’t exist. However, this isn’t the solution you’re looking for.


Truth be told, your garden plays a crucial role in the overall look and attractiveness of your abode. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s an extension of your home, so it’s a venue for some of your daily activities. Whether it be enjoying your morning coffee or playing with your kids in the afternoon, it’s a part of your day-to-day routine. It is for this reason that giving it more time and attention is worth it.


While renovating your garden can seem overwhelming, the good news is that there are plenty of landscaping and surfacing companies you can approach for help. On top of that, there are surfacing options that let you achieve a low-maintenance yet charming garden. One particular solution you’ll want to consider is block paving.


What is Block Paving?


Also known as brick paving, this refers to the decorative process of creating a hard standing path or driveway. When done in your garden, this can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.


In the sections below, you will learn two of the many ways you can use block paving to transform your outdoor space.


  1. Block Paving for Your Outdoor Patio or Terrace


What’s exciting about working on your patio or terrace in your garden is that you can get creative with it—as creative as you want to be.


Block paving provides you with an excellent and reliable base for items you want to include, whether it be a luxury garden set, your favourite potted plants, or even a hot tub. It also provides you with a safe and non-slip surface which is perfect for hosting BBQ and garden parties. With this, you no longer have to worry about your friends or neighbours slipping as they buzz around!


Aside from being a reliable foundation, garden paving can also highlight the beauty of the plants and trees in your garden. As long as you find the right colour combinations, you’ll see your garden come to life. You may also play with patterns to achieve a truly interesting and attractive yard!


Using block paving to create a cosy patio or terrace lets you achieve a low-maintenance yet fully functional and inviting outdoor space.


  1. Block Paving for Pathways


Block paving can also be applied to build pathways. This is an idea worth exploring if you want to create an intriguing walkway through your garden or an unobstructed route from the street to your front door.


On that note, remember that you must choose the brick to be used wisely. You’ll want a material that is smooth yet extra grippy to prevent slips, trips and falls. To ensure the best results, don’t hesitate to talk to your builders and let them know what you need.




Paying more attention to your outdoor spaces goes beyond helping you achieve an aesthetically pleasing garden. It’s also an effective way to enhance your lifestyle. It lets you enjoy even the most mundane outdoor activities, appreciate the beauty of your greenery and, ultimately, feel truly at home.


Looking for paving specialists in Poole? Look no further than Absolute Armour & Sons! For more than 25 years, we have been providing paving and surfacing services following meticulous standards. Allow us to transform your outdoor space—get in touch today!

6 Amazing Ways to Boost Your Outdoor Space: Our Guide


When talking about a home renovation project, it typically conjures an image of your house getting reconstructed and redesigned. At times, you pay particular attention to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other parts of your house for a remodelling project. However, did you know that giving your outdoor space a facelift can make a huge difference in your property? Not only will it improve your property’s curb appeal, but it will also increase its overall value!


If ever you think about boosting your outdoor space, here are six awesome ways to do so:


  1. Add in some lighting


Proper lighting is the best way to illuminate your outdoor space at night. Whether it is general, task, or ambient lighting, it allows you to create the perfect ambience and set the right mood. There are various types of lighting you can install outside, such as spotlights, path markers, and patio string lights; you just have to see what works best for your property. However, be sure to opt for solar or LED lighting fixtures for energy efficiency.


  1. Utilise weatherproof furniture


It’s best to set and arrange pieces of furniture in your outdoor space where you and your guests can sit and relax in a cosy ambience. If you have a patio and deck, you have all the right reasons to invest in these furniture pieces. However, be sure that they are made of weather-resistant materials like powder-coated steel, teak, and polyresin wicker. That way, they can withstand the harsh outdoor elements and last for as long as possible.


  1. Install an outdoor kitchen


Why not consider having an outdoor kitchen for some grilling and cooking sessions? It’s a great idea to have your family gather around outside for a weekend bonding activity or invite some guests for a barbecue party. With mouthwatering grilled foods coupled with a few drinks, the space will be absolutely amazing and functional!


  1. Have an entertainment space


It’s an excellent idea to turn your outdoor space into an entertainment hub. As long as you have a balcony or an extended roof in your patio, you can have an outdoor living space with some entertainment appliances and systems installed. With these fixtures, you and your family or guests can watch a movie or enjoy playing video games, even outdoors!


  1. Build and design a garden


Why not consider having a garden to grow some seasonal flowers and vegetation? If you have a green thumb, doing this can be such a great idea, particularly if you enjoy gardening as a hobby. Ultimately, communing with nature through simple gardening and cherishing your green surroundings can give you the utmost peace of mind.


  1. Install a patio and deck


If you haven’t constructed and designed your outdoor space, it’s best to have a patio and deck outside of your house. While a deck is an open outdoor porch without a roof, a patio is a paved area situated directly on the ground outside your home. While both serve functional purposes as an outdoor space, they can also significantly enhance the curb appeal of your property!




At this point, you now have an idea on how to boost your outdoor space and also the property’s value. As outlined above, all it takes is to have some lighting, use weatherproof furniture, install an outdoor kitchen, have an entertainment space, build and design a garden, and install a patio and deck. With these in place, you’ll now have a visually appealing and highly functional outdoor space that will kick your property up a notch!


Are you looking to transform your outdoor space with the help of a landscape building company in Bournemouth? You’ve come to the right place! We provide a wide range of outdoor construction services for residential properties such as general landscape, garden, groundwork, paving, and driveways. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

We’re full-range paving specialists in Poole that can transform your landscape!

We’re full-range paving specialists in Poole

The driveway design in residential properties is easy to overlook, paving specialists in Poole will tell you that it plays a pivotal part in the home living experience more than you think. The looks can make or mar the exterior home’s curb appeal, while the materials, layout, and overall finish can impact its functionality and durability.


After all, the outdoor space deserves equal attention as you would in your home’s interior design, so taking the time to improve the driveway can do wonders for boosting the property’s value. If you’re at a loss on what to do with your driveway, the list below explores some design ideas that can enhance your property in more ways than one.


Different Driveway Designs to Consider For Your Home

1: Go for the Best of Both Worlds with a Mix of Brick and Grassy Areas


Homeowners with a garden that enhances the exterior property can still keep the verdant landscape by going for a paving design that balances brick and grassy areas. It’s an attractive option for those who don’t need a large driveway, leaving room to welcome both form and functionality in its finish. The best part is that it’s a cost-effective alternative since it uses less paving materials.


2: Drive-Up the Visual Interest by Adding Concentric Circles


Brick or concrete driveways are the perennial favorites thanks to its reliable durability, longevity, and classic appeal, but its look often looks straightforward. Suppose you want to enhance the property and add a unique touch. In that case, you can request professional pavers to lay down the materials in a concentric circle to give a simple layout a much-needed cosmetic upgrade.


3: Embrace Eco-Living with Porous Pavers


Neighborhoods set in rainy regions means that dealing with a soggy front or backyard is a common occurrence, making it a troublesome feature that only adds to your home maintenance list.


For a more relaxed experience, designing your driveway to have porous pavers can leave room for grass to grow in between the material. It introduces a semblance of eco-friendliness to the scene without compromising your convenience.


4: Can’t Choose? Play Around with Different Materials


Who says you have to choose between asphalt, brick, concrete, pavers, and other driveway materials? If you’re not afraid to go bold with the design, then mixing different materials can help set borders and complement your home’s theme.


The Bottom Line: Exploring Driveway Design Ideas Paving the Way For Your Home Remodel


The driveway is the one who often takes the brunt of daily wear-and-tear, which means it can easily compromise your curb appeal if it’s left unattended.


Why Choose Us?


If you need a professional to pave the way for your dream driveway, we’re full-range paving specialists in Poole, UK, who offer bespoke driveway solutions that can beautify your property.


Whether the project involves groundworks, general landscape building, block paving, and garden design for domestic and commercial clients, we’re right up your alley! Get in touch with us at 07792 250548 to see what we can do to transform your landscape.

Why Pet Owners Are Shifting To Artificial Grass Gardens


There is no doubt that real grass is an amazing aspect of any home’s front yard or backyard. The lush greens, the scent of it after a rainy morning, and just the feel of it are amazing. Real grass is amazing until you realize all the care you have to put into making it look good long term, especially during colder seasons like winter and fall. Realistically, who wants to wake up real early and spend a weekend morning mowing the lawn for practically hours on end when the week already seems to have too little time.


Real grass normally needs more care than usual, and if you have the time and the patience to care for it, then we applaud you for your dedication because we really do love real lawns. However, more and more people are shifting to artificial grasses for their yards because of how low maintenance they are and how nice they look.


A number of these people are pet owners who want a nice place for their pets to play that is easier to maintain and still maintain the look of a garden. Here is why pet owners love artificial grass and why you’ll want it, too:


No More Lawn Stains

Owning a dog means bringing the little fella out to pee and poop quite often, which leads to grass dying or getting discoloured. This is inevitable, as you’d rather have your dog relieve itself outside the house than inside, and a yard full of artificial turf will maintain the grassy look while keeping the green colour.


Easy To Clean And Maintain

Modern technologies have created turf that looks uber-realistic and is very high-quality. In some gardens, long grass can hide dog poop and unpleasant surprises like dangerous animals or insects that can be harmful to children and animals alike. An artificial grass garden will have none of this, as it stays flat all year round.


Cleaning after your pet is also easy, as you can use water and soap to clean the turf without worrying about the chemicals killing it. As we mentioned above, you won’t need to deal with cutting the grass or heavily maintaining it because it is all man-made and does not die or grow weeds. Additionally, your garden will stay lush and green no matter what season goes by. You can even host a nice backyard party any day of the year if you wanted.


No More Holes And Mud

Dogs love to dig, and giving them freedom in your garden means they will have a field day with all that dirt. Not only will this get them dirty, but it also means they’ll start tracking dirt into your house that requires extra cleaning. When grass grows over holes, you have the risk of tripping in them and getting seriously injured. With an artificial grass garden, say goodbye to holes and mud from getting your pet dirty, which means you can make them run around the garden all day!


You’ll Have Fewer Pests

Gardens are full of insects and pests that cling onto your pet’s fur. Ticks, fleas and bugs are some of them, and can easily be a problem inside your home if you let your pet out often. Turf is normally free of these insects and will provide fewer problems down the line because these bugs survive on natural materials, and a man-made lawn makes it less likely for them to thrive.


It Is Affordable And Eco-Friendly

With artificial grass, you will be using fewer pesticides, chemicals, care products and time taking care of it. This means it is safer for kids to play in, better for the environment and safe for pets. The time saved by turf is significant, and the money saved from purchasing care products and running grasscutters can be used for better things.



Artificial grass is definitely the solution to saving time and money, as the maintenance aspect of it is practically nonexistent. You will also have an aesthetically pleasing lawn or garden all year round and require less work done after fall and winter kills off the grass and leaves. Make the shift to turf today and start saving!


Looking for artificial grass for your lawn? Reach out to us today! Absolute Armour & Sons is a specialist building service in the UK offering a variety of services such as concrete, artificial lawns, and more.

Our Guide to Planning Out Your Home Landscape Design

Our Guide to Planning Out Your Home Landscape Design

When you invite guests to your home, the first impression often lies in the living room or a nice front door. However, it’s always the front yard that will greet your visitors and neighbours.


Homeowners tend to overlook landscape design when building a new home or doing a home improvement project. However, managing your yard will not only be a chance for you to welcome guests more openly but also to improve your household as a whole.


Adding essential yard furnishings and putting a concrete path are just some of the landscape design projects you need to look into to upgrade your home experience. Follow this guide and ask the right questions the next time you hire landscaping services to fix your yard.


1. What is your yard?

Knowing what your yard is the base requirement for executing any landscape design plan. You need to know the kind of soil and the general topography of your yard in context to your house building. It will give you a general idea of the needs and landscape projects you want to execute on your yard.


For instance, you may also want to account for the general climate in your area. For example, you live in a relatively sunny area and already have a pre-existing tree in your front yard. Instead of having it cut down, have a landscape plan that integrates your tree into your front garden to add to its character and functionality. You may also want to transfer the tree to your backyard as well if you want to have a more secure hideaway tucked away from the viewing public of your front yard.


Take the characteristics of your yard into account before taking action with any major landscaping.


2. Who will use your yard?

Yards vary from household to household due to family size and lifestyle. You need to account for every member of your household. Having designated spaces in your front yard helps better put order and functionality in your home.


For pet owners, picking up their droppings may be a pain. As a yard solution, you can plan for a designated pet-friendly area in the backyard. You will reduce the chances of finding unwanted droppings in your home or garden. Be ready to plan and enjoy the benefits of having a fully fitted yard when you consult for landscaping.


3. Who else could use your yard?

There may be a time when you want to sell your house or have your children inherit it when you retire. The current residents will appreciate having a comprehensive landscaping plan, and future prospects might do too.


For instance, building a concrete path for your vertical plane might not be as useful for now but in the long run, it can be a welcome addition when you want to build a car garage. Likewise, when you have put a protective fence in the front of your yard, potential buyers may see this as a favourable addition to protect their children when they play outside.



Landscape design is an essential part of the household as it rounds out your whole living experience. Whether it be safety or having designated spots for hobbies and other family essentials, this home project could make or break your overall home investment. Make sure to account for your yard either when you want to build your new house or for the betterment of your current household.


We offer professional landscaping service in Bournemouth for your household. We are fully equipped and capable of building your dream yard, whether it be the front or back!